Short Story : The Village

As the sun slowly rose in the east, the people of North Village awoke to the sounds of nature which reacted to the sun’s warm rays. Birds soar across the horizon. Brilliantly green and orange tree frogs play the last note in their nocturnal symphony. Sunlight dances atop dew drops in the lush, green grass. To many other animals these are signs of a brand new day.

The day continues as many women could be heard whistling in their worn, wooden huts as they prepare for tonight’s feast. Shrieks and squeals being made by children in merriment and mirth as they play games in the parade grounds in the centre of the village. Young women could be found in the fields multi-tasking between gossiping about the village locals, harvesting crops for the feast and giggling over which young man they intend to marry. While some young men are  found accompanying their fathers and other males in the village as they sail in canoes out by the sea as the shore is but a short walk away from the village. They too would be laughing and enjoying each other’s company as they cast their nets for the catch of the day. While others could be found in the nearby forests, enjoying the thrill and adrenaline of hunting game.

As the sun begins to meet the horizon in a colourful display of shades of orange, bursts of reds and yellows and clouds highlighted in pinks and purples. Children are called back to their huts, young women brought in their harvest and the men proudly bring in the best that could provide them with.

The sun has now gone down and darkness sweeps over the small village. However, moods are at the highest point of happiness for all the villagers. As the tree frog’s symphony begins again, a large fire roared in the central parade grounds. Families from every hut gather with each their own food to contribute. The feast begins. Food is shared and devoured. Stories from near and far are told. Many villagers, especially the younger ones, socialize and at the end of the night men, women, elders and children take part in their favourite activity; dance.


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