Puesto De Sol

The sun began to meet the horizon in a colourful display of shades of orange, bursts of reds and yellows and clouds highlighted in pinks and purples


I would watch it go down every day

Over the city that I grew up in.

The colours would fascinate and inspire me

As the sky would slowly accept the metamorphosis


Birds would flock home

But yet I would stay till it was completely over

I couldn’t find it in me to move.

It silently compelled me


The melodies that float into my mind

I’ve been hearing since childhood

And I doubt will stop

Nor do I want it to

It reminded me of a time when nothing was wrong

Ignorance truly was bliss

And each day was a new adventure



I find it hard to put that melody to word

And that word to life


It’s almost gone now

The false stars have all turned on in the distance

To match the ones above

And though now the sky is black

I still am compelled to stay

To stare where the sky was once warm

And sincerely only grows louder in my head

As I try to match it with my heart


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