It’s Like a Sunset

It’s like a sunset.

Everything melts together in harmony.

And as you watch nature retreat to their homes

You feel the sense that you are already there.


To brush against it is to take in the sunlight at the beach in the early morning

Every surface is the right amount of warmth,

Tender steps in the sand,

The first splash of seawater,

And the gleam that caresses your skin,

So inviting.


It’s as satisfying as the sounds of ocean waves hitting the shore

And as gratifying as the cool evening breeze that follows a hot afternoon

One could compare it to the feeling of the a.m. sun as it warms my cold morning skin

It has a calling as natural as your body rocking to a reggae beat


It’s like receiving your favourite childhood candy,

So simple, so sweet.

And yet the meaning runs much more deep,

Straight to your core.


But mostly it brings forth the feeling of sitting on concrete sidewalk

Warmed by the day’s sun in the moonlit night,

It continues to linger on,

Even when it’s presence has long since gone.

And it is warm.


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