Find Your Universe Within



Panthera Leo

A soul of true warmth and courage.

Your mane strong, proud,

Yet well-natured.

Never straying from the path of righteousness

Passionately paved.

Each brick it’s own unique shape and message.


Lessons engraved.

Memories that pulse through my brain,

With every beating of my heart.

As one leaves, another floods in.


A history book never to be replaced.

Without you, origin lost,

With you, pages missing.

Was it I who put you on the shelf?


The sunsets glaze over my eyes

As we watched from a balcony of forgotten dreams.

Ties unbreakable.

Not understood by the Moon’s eye

As he floats in the unknown.


Long gone are the days

When I once rested on your shoulders

Could it be time to carry you?


– Summer


No understanding of this yearning in my soul

Many times I have left my domain

In bewilderment towards feelings deep within

Why must I return there?


Details of the world my transportation

Acquainted sounds

Disturbing vivid memories

Touches felt before and yet never at all


Eyes see not what is in front

But what lay behind

Only finding the past,

Becoming evermore present


In the silence, teleporting melodies

A time when nothing of the world was known

And the world knew nothing of my existence

A time of days spent in the yard

Colours more vibrant

Everything was something  

Time never moved forward

Warm wind greeted skin,

As we gazed on the setting horizon

Slowly turning to terrain bathed in city lights

We never grew


Smiles inescapable

Though thoughts of the future creep in

And grow in darkness

Tears building in my eyes

I know I cannot stop them

Because I do not know how they started

They stream down my face cold as ice

I do not wipe them away

Because I want to feel them

Accept them


Then maybe tomorrow I will know why…

– Summer

To Remind Me of Home

As I get ready to embark on a new journey in a new environment I did what any human being would do naturally, I started to think of all the things that I’m familiar with and long for. I found myself thinking about the food more than anything but also the scenery that was once common place now a rare find in my new settings. I know I won’t be gone forever but each passing day definitely feels like it. Long story, short, here are some of my works to capture the essence of my home.

– Summer


Island Love

To feel the warm island breeze against your face is a renewal of the soul.

Take it in.

The glow of the city lights

The vibrations of rebel souls

Warm land covered in palm tree silhouettes

The only feelings of regret

Is having  to take a step

That takes you away from sweet sunsets.

From a place where the only blue you feel

Splashes gently against your skin in the forever summer sun

Where laughter find it hard to remain concealed

And an irie meditation cannot be undone

It’s in our blood and beats through our hearts

And each heartfelt smile a work of art

Rock and come in

Mind how time fly

For soon you’ll find

The hardest part will be to say “good-bye”

– Summer