Sick Leave – Hiatus

Greetings My Loyal Readers,

Unfortunately, I have come down with a very severe sinus infection that I have been fighting over the past week and it is winning. People, don’t be like me and wait till you’re at the gate of the underworld, about to chill with Hades, to go to the pharmacy and pick up medication you could have taken several days prior to prevent this from happen in the first place.

As a result, I haven’t been able to write anything so I won’t have any content to post for the rest of the week.  Hopefully, I will regain my full strength by next week and start posting again soon.

Until then, feel free to send me positive vibes or perhaps give me the superpower to switch sinuses with healthy people so I can live again.

And remember people, take care of yourself , because if you don’t then why should anyone else?

Much Love,

– Summer


Day #9 – The Haiku

He continued walking away towards the darkness with Poppy nestled in his arms.

“Hey!” “Hey wait!” Lana yelled hoping to get a response from him.

“Why are you just sitting there?” he asked without stopping or even turning around.

“What?” she responded bewildered.

“Let’s go, we have a long journey ahead of us.” he replied.

“Journey?” “What are you talking about?” she continued.

“You sure like to ask a lot of questions” he retorted.

“You sure like to avoid answering them” she rebutted.

“Listen, we don’t have much time before your friend over there wakes up and decides to pay us back for all our hospitality, so I suggest you get off your ass and come with me. Unless you wanted to be his afternoon snack, then I’m sure he would be delighted to take you up on that offer.”

“Okay, okay, you have a point,” Lana replied looking over at the defeated green beast’s lifeless body as she got off the floor and caught up to the man “But where are we going and who are you?”

He stopped abruptly, and turned around.

“What?” she asked turning to see what he was looking at. The beast was slowly regaining consciousness and began shaking itself off.

“Do you trust me?”

“What? No”

“Lovely” he said handing her Poppy and a small device that looked like a miniature sceptre.

“Ask for Richard, he’ll get you on the train.”

Before Lana could say another word he activated the device and it’s bright red glow began to blind her and she could no longer see the man or the hallway. She closed her eyes tightly and she felt a huge rushes of wind blowing in all directions around her. Soon the winds calmed down and even started to smell familiar. It was the smell of sea breeze. She opened her eyes to find herself standing at on a platform, before her was the open sea and behind her was a small train station. Poppy barked at her to reveal a small piece of paper that had been attached to his collar. She unfastened the paper and read it.


out of the water

out of itself.”

Day #8 – The Man in Black

“Poppy, such a good boy” the figure said while petting the papillon tenderly on his head. Lana stood there with a surprised expression on her face. Where a monstrous red beast equipped with scales, claws and lightning powerful enough to power the entire town once stood, was now a human, a fairly normal looking one at that. He took up the dog in his hands and stood up tall. He was lofty with short, dark brown hair. For someone who could turn into such a terrifying beast he had such a bright smile, she thought to herself. He was wearing a black jacket over a dark green shirt and black pants tucked into black combat boots. He also had a black leather sling bag over his left shoulder. Lana felt invisible to the man as he continued coddling the small dog that happily accepted the caress.

“Who are you?” she asked from across the hall. He looked up at her and then back at the dog.

“Poppy don’t tell me this is her.” he asked the canine and it barked in response.

“Hello?” “I’m talking to you.” she responded.

“Are you sure?” he asked the dog again and the dog barked in affirmation. “If you insist” he replied as he turned around and started walking away, down towards the other end of the hallway.

“Where are you going?!” Lana asked confused.

Day #7 – The Blast

The creature began to swell as though it was about to explode. Horrified Lana stood frozen. It opened its mouth and a ball of green light grew from it glowing as bright as ever and taking aim for the girl. Suddenly a great ball of red light struck the creature down. Before he could regain his stance he was struck by another. Lana turned around to find the source of this red force. It was another creature. Small sparks of red lightning circled it’s entire body and it was preparing to let out another blast. Lana grabbed Poppy from her feet and covered her with her body and hit the floor to brace for impact. The red blast flew over her and hit the green beast once more knocking him out cold. Lana slowly unfurled her body and looked around. Poppy jumped from her arms and ran towards the red beast, “Poppy no!” Lana said trying to catch the small dog only to be evaded as he continued to run straight towards the creature, whose snout now yielded smoke from the powerful blast. The dog stood before the red beast wagging its tail as though it was delighted to see it. The creature looked down at the beast and took a step back. A grey mass of electricity and smoke spiralled around it and it slowly started to change form. The cloud of smoke and sparks dissipated to reveal a human.

Day #6 – The Flames

She was in such a hurried pace that she fell backwards to the ground. She let out a small sigh of relief and released Poppy from her grasp.


The creature was attempting to ram the door with its body and it shook the whole hallway.

“COME OUT YOU LITTLE WITCH, I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!” It screamed from the other side of the door. In a panic, Lana grabbed the barking Poppy and started to run to the other head of the hallway to escape. It felt like the shaking hallway was never-ending. She started to think about how she should have applied herself more in P.E. seeing as now she was about to be that beast’s dinner. As she darted down the aisle but then came to a halt as there was a small black table in the middle of the hallway. Resting on the top of the table was another red vial. As she got closer, it glowed red, just like the last one. She wondered if it would give her that same strength that broke her grandmother’s bedroom door off its hinges.

“CRASH!” The door finally gave way and in rushed the creature. “I have you now girl!” it professed upon sighting her. Barely big enough to fit inside it began swiftly slithering down the path, so fast that he blew out several wall torches and scraped against. Lana rested Poppy on the ground.

“Here goes nothing!” she exclaimed, emptying the vial down your throat. As she turned around the creature was right in front of her and she raised her arms to cover her face. The instant she did the fire from the lit torches blasted into the face of the monster. It shrieked as the fire singed its snout.

“What manner of sorcery is this?”  It bellowed as it tried to open one of its eyes to see.

Lana looking down at her hands in shock and relief that her idea worked but then quickly realizing she needed to strike it now while it was confused and injured. She stretched out her hands and the fires came again to her command. She set it ablaze with all her might. Sending it further back, until it fell over its own tail.

“ENOOUGGH!” The scorched beast yelled in frustration. “I’m tired playing games little girl”  Its voice grew deeper and it’s body brushed against the ceiling. She reached out her arms again but then nothing happened. The beast chuckled. “What’s the matters, your little trick not working anymore?” The beast slowly regained its footing looking bigger and angrier than before, its eyes glowing bright green and Lana started to back up slowly.



Day #5 – The Hallway

Looking around the room desperately for anything to free her from this confinement, Lana began to brainstorm. How was she going to get out of this? That’s when it came to her…Poppy.

Poppy was a small papillon dog that Nana had for as long as Lana could remember. She must be around here somewhere, Lana thought to herself. She used all her strength to move her lips to whistle as loud as she could. The faint whistle echoed throughout the dark empty house. Then out of the nothingness she heard the pitter patter of paws against the hardwood floor and from behind the dining room wall came Poppy. Her butterfly-like ears as perky as every atop her head. She let out a small bark.

“Oh good, I’ve never been to so happy to see you in all my life Poppy.” Lana exclaimed.

“Yip yip!” Poppy barked as if to reply to her.

“Okay, Poppy, I need you to go get help,” Lana begged Poppy as the dog started yelping frantically at the one of the kitchen cabinets. A red glow was coming from the cupboard and Lana eyes opened wide. The dog scratched between the cupboard doors until it swung open. On the top shelf was a glowing red vial. Poppy grabbed it with her mouth and brought it towards Lana. “Poppy, what is that?!” Lana shrieked in confusion as Poppy attempted to remove the cork from the opening of the vial with her teeth and paws.“POP!” the cork went flying and the little toy dog came running with the glowing glass and shook it all over the frozen girl. Suddenly Lana felt like she could move again and felt better than she did before, but with a bitter aftertaste in her mouth. “Whoa, Poppy, I don’t know what that was but they really need to work on a grape or orange flavour…yuck.” Lana said trying to wipe her tongue against her throat. “Yip yip!” went Poppy wagging his tail vigorously.

Stretching out her arms slightly before moving off Lana began looking around the house for answers and found herself asking more questions. Where was her Nana? What happened to the house? Why did she have glowing red potions in her kitchen cabinet? Has she been putting in her cooking all these years? With these thoughts in mind, she ran up the stairs to check out the bedrooms while Poppy followed behind. Up first was Nana’s bedroom. Trying to stay quiet and cautious in case the creature returned she tenderly pushed the bedroom door but, unexpectedly, the door broke right of its hinges and flew across the hallway. Lana looked down at her hands in shock. “Di…Did I do that?” Poppy barked in reassurance and ran into the room. Remembering that she had a limited time Lana continued, following behind Poppy. Surprisingly, the room looked tidy, which didn’t match the rest of the house’s state. She walked into the walk-in closet on the end of the room and turned on the light. Before her appeared rows and rows of wardrobe and shoes and in the very back she saw something that looked like another door. She walked up to it and noticed how old it looked. Cobwebs were all over the hinges and doorknob was dinghy and spotted. Poppy began barking and scratching at the door. Lana slowly reached for the knob, turned it and pushed the door open to a dark hallway. That didn’t make sense given the house’s pre-existing architecture. Torches along both sides of the hallway ignited and illuminated the path revealing how far the aisle went. The sound of dishes breaking against the floor echoed from downstairs. The creature  had returned.

“Where are you girl?!” It snarled. Poppy started barking and Lana tried to hush her so as not to give away their location but she could hear the creature already making its way up the staircase. In order to get away Lana knew she had only one option. She grabbed Poppy and ran into the darken hallway, locking the door behind her.

Day #4 – Frozen

“So sorry Nana, I was running a little behind this morning” Lana said with her head hung low.

“Yes, yes, I’m sure.” Nana said as she gestured for her to come in.

Lana entered, pulled up the door behind her and looked around. As she did she slowly got the feeling that something wasn’t right.

The normally spic-and-span living room that she had grown to know so well looked like no one had set foot in it for days. The curtains were all drawn and the kitchen looked like a hurricane had just passed through it.

“Nana is everything alright” Lana said looking in disbelief at the dishevelled space. She got no response. “Nana?” Nana?!” She heard a pot drop behind her and turned sharply. Seeing nothing she turned back around only to see a large dark figure before her.

“Sssssssso nice of you to pay a visssssit my dear” the figure said.

“Nana?” Lana asked in confusion. The figure slowly slithered into the light, revealing a green skinned creature that was part human and part snake with smaller snakes going all along its body and through it’s hair. Lana stood in shock as the figure steadily grew bigger and bigger until it was towering over her.

“Who are you?!” “Where is my grandmother?!”

The figure cackled and locked eyes with Lana, suddenly she felt as though she couldn’t move, like her body had become stone.

“Why can’t I move?!” “What have you done to me?!”

“Don’t you move a muscle now” the figure continued as it laughed and little by little slid back into the darkness.

Disoriented and unsure of what just took place, Lana quickly started to wonder what the creature had planned to do with her. Where was her grandmother? How she was going to get herself out of this?